by clemens (29.09.2022)

Multiple Phoenix Instances on Single Server Can Cause Crashes on Upload

I’ve recently encountered a problem with running multiple Phoenix application on a single server. On installation of a new application that was using Phoenix Live Uploads I was unable to upload files to the server, although everything was working in development locally.

by clemens (01.11.2021)

One way to handle static asset files in Phoenix 1.6

So I’ve recently upgraded one of our projects to Phoenix 1.6. While I was at it, I’ve also replaced the legacy webpack pipeline with the new default esbuild pipeline. One problem I’ve stumbled across when recreating the new layout for static files, i.e. all static files simply are put directly into the priv/static folder, was that it is now easy to accidentally commit digested files when running git add .; git commit because those files are no longer ignored by git, only the files in priv/static/assets are.